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• Start your search early
• Visit, ask questions and evaluate
• Are any options Quality Star Rated?
• Determine the best fit
• Stay informed and engaged


Dial 211 for Child Care Referrals by Phone


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Click here to learn about Oregon's Quality Rating Improvement System (QRIS).

For a self-guided referral at http://triwou.org/projects/fcco


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  More Resources:


PDF Guides on How to Find Quality Child Care


Child Care Options


10 Things You Should Expect from Your Child Care Provider


Child Care Checklist for Parents


Child Care Interview Check List


Migrant Family Child Care Assistance


Links to additional online resources


Please understand that the child care referrals you will receive should be considered referrals only, not recommendations.  These referrals are based on information received from child care providers themselves. This information should not be considered an endorsement or promotion from the Network or any CCR&R whose data is included here. CCR&R cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information nor the quality of child care. It is your responsibility to visit child care providers and choose child care that meets your child's needs.  We however, can provide you with the resources and information to help you in finding and keeping quality child care.

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