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Welcome to Community Action HOME Youth & Resource Center
Why does HOME exist?

Life is full of risks for many Marion County teens. Every day they confront drugs, family dysfunction, violence, and sometimes thoughts of suicide.

However, youth are resilient. Their survival skills are strong. They may turn to each other, to family, a teacher...or to drugs, gangs, and other destructive options.

At HOME, disenfranchised youth find a safe place, caring adults, and opportunities to connect with their community in a positive way.

HOME Youth & Resource Center

"HOME helps [me] stay off drugs”…. “ I love home, it is great”…
“HOME should be open every day and night” …
“HOME gave me someone to turn to when I needed help” …
“HOME helped get my life back together.  Made me open up my eyes”…
“HOME has been a positive place for me to hang out and get good advice about family and social issues…helped me with food, clothes, school”…
“helps me with my problems”…[helps me] stay in school and be kinder”.

  HYRC Home  

Teens Call HYRC Drop In Home

HYRC and Riverfront Youth Shelter are in the news! Check it out!

The Reality of Homelessness in Our Community

Budgeting 101

Check out this video on budgeting basics. It was researched, designed and created by a youth in the YEP program while being an intern with MAPS Credit Union.
With opportunities, support and unconditional encouragement these youth have unlimited potential!

HYRC's Gladiators Running Team!

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