Child Care and Adult Care Food Program
 Menu Ideas and Recipes
Remember—not all foods are creditable, and foods served must have the appropriate serving size for each child served. Providers on the program can refer to the Nutrition First handbook or contact our office with any food questions and/or how to record your meals on the menu.
Breakfast - Breakfast must include one serving of milk, one serving from the vegetable and fruit group, and one serving from the grains and bread group. Here are some suggestions:
French toast, potatoes, 1% milk
Cheerios, bananas, 1% milk;
Bagel, pears, whole/1%milk
English muffin, apple slices, whole/1% milk
Oatmeal, peaches, whole/fat-free milk
Whole wheat toast, cantaloupe, 1% milk
Lunch and Dinner - Lunch and Dinner must include one serving of milk, one serving from the Meat and Meat Alternate group, one serving from the grains and bread group, and two servings from the Vegetable and Fruit group. Here are some suggestions:
Hamburger, potatoes, green beans, bun, 1% milk
Roast beef, plums, carrot sticks, whole wheat bread, fat-free milk
Chicken, refried beans, lettuce, flour tortilla, fat-free milk
Turkey, green salad, watermelon, noodles, 1% milk
Snack—Morning snacks, afternoon snacks, and late night snacks must include one serving from two separate food groups. Here are some suggestions:

Muffin, oranges
Toast, avocado slices
Cheese, tortilla


Grapes, cheese sticks
Boiled egg, crackers
Yogurt, carrot sticks


Apple slices, peanut butter
Tuna fish, wheat crackers
Banana Bread, 1% milk


Recipe of the Month

Spiced Apple and Raisin Snack Mix

4 cups whole grain oat squares cereal
4 cups cinnamon square cereal
3 cups dried apple chunks, firmly packed (about 2 ½ cups)
1 ½ cups raisins
1-2 teaspoons cinnamon

Place dried apple chunks into a zip-lock bag and add cinnamon. Close bag and shake to mix cinnamon and apples. Mix remaining ingredients and dried apples together. Sotre tightly covered in refrigerator up to 5 days.

Serves 10 - (1 cup per child, consists of 2/3 cup cereal = 1 grains/bread and ¼ cup vegetables/fruits)

USDA and Nutrition First are equal opportunity providers and employers


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