MWVCAA Weatherization
2551 Pringle Rd SE
Salem Or. 97302


(By appointment only)

Monday - Thursday
7:00 AM to 5:30 PM
Closed on Fridays



(503) 315-7055


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Possible Services

Energy Audit: This is an assessment that will be performed to determine the weatherization needs of your home.

Insulation: Depending on the existing R-values and accessibility, insulation may be added to attics, floors, walls and duct systems to improve overall energy efficiency of your home.

Air Sealing: Minimizes excessive drafts by caulking interior molding/trim, sealing around plumbing/drain pipes protruding through floors/walls and weather-stripping doors.

Ventilation: Adding proper ventilation can help create a healthier living environment and reduce moisture levels in a home. Furnaces with ducts and all gas appliances need proper ventilation in a home to work more efficiently.

Baseload Analysis & Reduction:  LED light bulbs may be installed to minimize lighting costs.  Watt usage tests may be performed on refrigerators to determine if replacement is possible, according to set guidelines.

LimitationsIn some cases, we may not be able to provide some services because of structural deficiencies.

Duct Work Sealing
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