Together, We are Making a Difference

Our programs are producing real change. Together, with our community partners, we’re addressing the root causes of poverty and helping thousands of people lead better lives.

Progress at a Glance


Permanent Housing Solutions

The ARCHES project helped 538 households find permanent housing solutions in 2019.


Clients Served

The De Muniz Resource Center served 1576 people exiting the justice system in 2019.


Youth Housed

Home Youth Services provided housing to 63 at-risk minors (ages 11-17) in 2019.


Power Disconnections Prevented

Our Energy Assistance program intervened to prevent 7805 households from having power disconnected in 2019.

Our Programs at Work

We are tapping into decades of experiences, and the latest research, to offer a spectrum of programs that can reduce poverty today and prevent it in the future.

Energy Services

power disconnections prevented
households received energy assistance
2019 data

Tens of thousands of local people struggle to pay their utility bills. We're improving safety by helping them stay connected to power and water.

Head Start

children served
hearing, vision, and growth screenings
2019 data

Our far-reaching, free preschool and early development programs aid young children from low-income families.

HOME Youth Services

youth housed
youth served
2019 data

We are providing a safe and supportive space for at-risk youth in our community.

The ARCHES Project

households exited ARCHES programming with a permanent housing solution
lunches served at our day center
2019 data

This expansive program provides housing referrals, tenant education, daytime shelter, and warm spaces to those facing homelessness.

Child Care Resource & Referral

early childhood trainings
child care providers in 8 networks
2019 data

One of our most popular services, CCR&R helps local families find high-quality childcare, while facilitating better training for current and future providers.

De Muniz Resource Center

clients served
of services are related to gaining employment
2019 data

Through our reentry and transition services, we are helping those exiting prison find stability and start new lives.

Nutrition First

children per month learn about good nutrition
in-home child care provider consultations
2019 data

Good nutrition is crucial in early age. We are helping childhood providers across Oregon with education and healthy food reimbursements.


homes improved by one or more health and safety measure
seniors or folks with a disability served
2019 data

Many homes in Marion-Polk lack hot water, heating, and even basic plumbing. Our team goes hands-on to provide better living for seniors, children, and those with disabilities.

The Challenges We Face

Poverty has many forms. Some appear obvious, while others are often unseen. But each is unique and requires a comprehensive, carefully-designed approach.

Homelessness in Marion and Polk Counties

  • 1500 households experiencing homelessness or severe housing instability

    Source: 2018 Coordinated Entry Data

  • 316 unaccompanied homeless youth

    Source: Oregon Dept. of Education 2018/2019 McKinney Vento Data

  • 2031 children who are homeless or doubled-up

    Source: Oregon Dept. of Education 2018/2019 McKinney Vento Data

Importance of Early Childhood Development

Early Childhood Development
  • higher cognitive function

  • receptive language area/speech production

  • seeing/hearing

Source: Raise Up Oregon: A Statewide Early Learning System Plan 2019 -2023

Housing and Energy Issues

energy and housing

In Marion and Polk Counties

  • 46,213 people are income eligible for energy assistance, but only 17% can be served with current resources

  • 1 out of 5 homes had severe problems (at least one of the following: overcrowding, high housing costs, lack of kitchen, or lack of functional plumbing)

  • Over 50% of renters pay more than 30% of their household income on rent and utilities. This is increasing.

Sources: 2019 APPRISE LIHEAP/OEAP Evaluation, Marion/Polk Counties Community Health Assessment 2019

Photo: Matthew Henry