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Energy Services strongly encourages you to stay in touch with your heating and/or energy provider to keep them updated on your situation while working with us.

All Marion and Polk County appointments are scheduled at our Salem office 503-588-9016. Phone lines are open Monday through Friday and may be extremely busy. If a busy signal is received, please call again as staff are assisting other clients. Residents are able to apply for assistance from the above funding sources once per program year (October 1 – September 31).

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

  • Senior & Disabled individuals: Appointments scheduled beginning of October
  • General Public: Appointments scheduled October through March as funding is available

Appointments can be scheduled in the Energy office or by calling 503-588-9016

Energy Assistance Coronavirus Relief Fund (EASCR-20)

  • Funding available to households impacted by COVID-19; lost job, reduced wages, etc.
  • Eligibility based on 80% area median income, see chart
  • Express enrollment available to households that include member enrolled in one of the following programs and provides current documentation of enrollment (additional income verification is not necessary)
    • TANF, SNAP, WIC – current statement showing benefit enrollment
    • SSI – current year benefit verification letter that lists gross benefit
    • Oregon Health Plan or Medicaid – verification of current enrollment
    • DOEWX PY 2019 or 2020 – Printout from Community Action Weatherization
    • LIHEAP or OEAP PY 2019 or 2020 –Energy to provide verification
  • Request for assistance available. Please complete and submit with all required backup in place of scheduling an appointment.
  • See request for assistance form below

Oregon Energy Assistance Program (OEAP)

  • PGE & Pacific Power Customers: Scheduled in office or by phone 503-588-9016
  • Request for assistance available. Please complete and submit with all required backup in place of scheduling an appointment.

NW Natural

  • Oregon low-income Gas Assistance (OLGA)
  • Gas Assistance Program (GAP)
  • Request for assistance available. Please complete and submit with all required backup in place of scheduling an appointment.

Request Assistance

Applicants are now given the option of completing a request for assistance in place of an office or phone appointment. Only completed request forms will be accepted. Please fill out Page 1 of the Request for Assistance form located below. If your household has been impacted by COVID-19, please provide a brief description in the comments section of the form. The account holder, who must live in the home linked to the account, needs to sign the disclaimer/release on Page 2 and include all required documentation listed.

Only complete requests that include all required documents will be accepted. Incomplete requests will need to be resubmitted. The 2020 Request for Assistance form will be updated for the program year 2021, beginning October 2020 through September 2021.

Documents Needed

You must bring the following documents that apply to your appointment or your assistance may be delayed:

  • Verification of Social Security Numbers for all household members is strongly encouraged and required for some assistance programs (e.g. SS card, TANF documents, SS Documentation, etc.)
  • Birth dates for everyone in the household and ID for those 18 years and older
  • Proof of gross income received for the two months prior to appointment date
  • If miscellaneous income was receive, complete Declaration of Personal Income form below and provide supporting documents
  • Household members 18 years and older with zero income will be required to sign a Declaration of Zero Income form below
  • Current heating and electric bill(s) for the current address at which you live (utility account holder must reside in the household and sign utility release)
  • If the household receives rental assistance, provide current subsidized housing statement or complete form in office

2021 Request for Assistance forms are coming soon.


Income includes, but is not limited to:

  • Gross wages (pay stubs) received two months prior to appointment
  • Self-employment, verification of all income earned month prior to appointment and receipts for paid deductions
  • Gross unemployment benefits, current printout or PIN
  • Public assistance, Ex. TANF
  • Social Security benefits, current year benefit verification letter showing gross benefits
  • Veterans benefits, current year verification of gross benefits
  • Work-study, gross earning received month prior to appointment
  • Child support, case number, letter from payee, etc.
  • Adoption assistance, gross payment received month prior to appointment
  • Disability benefits, verification of gross amounts received month prior to appointment
  • Income/paid in cash, provide proof and fill out personal income form in office