Energy Services


If you are behind on making payments to your utility company make sure to stay in contact with them. Explain your current situation and discuss payment options to prevent disconnection. It may be possible to arrange a payment option to maintain service. Click on the utility company links below for more information:


  • Let the utility company know you are seeking assistance from an energy assistance program.
  • Make payments monthly, if not able to pay full amount a minimum payment is better than no payment at all.
  • Set your thermostat at 68 degrees, or as low as comfortable during the day. Reduce to 55 degrees at night and when you are gone.
  • Heating your house with an open wood fireplace or the oven can be dangerous, costly and in the end ineffective.
  • Turn your lights and appliances off when they’re not being used. If it is a standby device unplug it even when not in use as they can account for up to 10 percent of your electricity costs.

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