Nutrition First

How to Join

Providers must be registered as a family child care home or certified home with the Office of Child Care (OCC), or listed with the Department of Human Services (DHS). You can begin claiming meals once you have met with us and completed the sign-up paperwork.  You may serve the foods you choose, as long as the food choices and serving size meet the USDA requirements. We have menu ideas and samples to help you get started. We will train you on these requirements, and we will provide you with resources to refer to.

For information about the registration process and how to become a registered family or certified child care home provider, please look at the Child Care Resource & Referral section of the Community Action Agency website. Providers may contact us for assistance to locate similar R&R’s located in other counties that Nutrition First serves (such as Lincoln, Tillamook, Linn, and Benton).

Providers on our program must be 18 years of age or older, providing care in their own home, and the provider must purchase and prepare the meals for the children in their care. Other program rules and regulations apply, and are covered during the sign-up appointment.

To Find Out More

Child Care Providers interested in finding out more about the Nutrition First Food Program may contact us.